•How to get that boho traveller girl look•

Bonjour à tous!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the New Year so far. Mine has been punctuated with learning experiences, relaxing and reading, and spending a lot of time with my beautiful family. Lately I have noticed that my style has changed a lot in the past months, and I really do enjoy that *boho traveller girl look*, especially in the summer.

Here are some tips on how to achieve that look, I hope you enjoy…


• A long, flowy skirt •

Long flowy skirts just give me old-world style vibes that I absolutely love. Running around with my skirts swishing around me, it makes me feel like a character from my favourite novels (the Outlander series, in case you didn’t know). It is just so much fun. The patterns on my skirt here look to me like something that could be found in India, South America or Central Asia and I think it is beautiful.

• A pair of Birkenstocks • 

These are the ultimate travel-girl summer shoe. Astoundingly comfortable on long trips, pretty to wear, incredibly long lasting, and just generally lovable, not more more needs to be said about these fantastic shoes.

• A patterned jacket with tassels •

This jacket is purely for the look and feel of the outfit – no warmth provided at all, and none needed in this Australian heat! This was also really fun to wear and I love the bright colours in the patterns.

• A plain top and necklace•

To bring the look together, I wore a plain black halter crop top. The necklace layered onto the black top really completed the look. If you wanted to make the look even more boho, you could definitely add a lot more jewellery in the form of necklaces, rings and bangles – but I was happy with my necklace and earrings for the day!

• A travel-girl scarf •

I didn’t actually wear this the other day, but whenever I wear this particular scarf, people always tell me that I look like a traveller. Given to me by one of my best friends, I love wearing this scarf and its bright and beautiful patterns. With its fantastic length and width, it could also be used in countries where modesty is required, or when entering into certain temples, churches or mosques.


And that’s it, I hope you have got some inspiration now for a travel-girl boho look.

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A bientôt!

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