• Why you should try Ballet as an adult •

Bonjour à tous!

I hope you are well. Every time I tell people that I dance ballet, they have a tendency to assume I started at around age 4 and therefore am a super-flexible multi-talented dancer.

This, unfortunately, is quite far from the truth. I started dancing about three years ago after having thought about it many times, and I’ll tell you what, I am so glad that I did.

I started from COMPLETE scratch. I didn’t know any of the basic positions, any of the names of steps, or even how to hold myself as a dancer. I didn’t have dancing shoes, so I started out in socks and some old exercise gear.


Why should you try it?

Dance concerts are so exhilarating

I have now been in three dance concerts, two of them en pointe. It is great fun on the day, being in the dressing rooms with the girls and preparing for your dances, eating snacks in-between. The best part of the day, however, is when you step out onto that stage. You are there with your girls and you put your best performance forward. It is incredibly nerve-wracking, but it is an indescribable feeling as you dance as one. It’s a beautiful thing.



You will eventually get en pointe!

I love dancing with my pointe shoes – it makes me feel like a “real” ballerina. It does take work and a lot of strength exercises to get there, and it does hurt (a little bit). However, when you are able to actually dance en pointe, it really kicks it up a notch.



You’ll make amazing friends

Don’t worry about people judging you – if they’re any sort of kind person, they won’t. I have mostly experienced lovely people at the ballet schools I have been to, and I have made some fabulous friends. Since you are all adult dancers, no one is really there to make you feel stressed or worried. You are pretty much there to enjoy yourself.My ballet friends and I love to chat together about ballet and many other assorted things – it’s great.


You’ll get to see improvements and be proud

At my beautiful current ballet school, the teachers are happy to help you with your technique as much as you are comfortable with it. My friends and I are really keen to hone our techniques as well as have fun, and it is wonderful to be in a supportive environment for that. My dance school is called Vital Movement Studios.



Your body will thank you

Ballet is actually a lot of hard work, and requires a huge amount of skill, technique, flexibility and muscle. I am still not THAT flexible, but I always feel great after ballet class. It gives me a fantastic workout through various different muscle groups, and gets my heart rate up as well. And it doesn’t even feel like exercise!



You will have a lot of fun

Dancing is, above all, fun. You can forget about your worries and concerns, because you need to fully focus and be in the moment to be able to execute the moves correctly (read: correctly to the best of your ability – it’s hard – but rewarding). It makes you feel beautiful and elegant (even if you don’t always look it- and trust me, often I don’t!). I just love it!


Above all, do not be afraid to try something new. It really is worth it, you just need to stick with it for a little bit, and you’ll see.

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A bientôt!



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  1. This is so amazing! I didn’t even realise this was an option! I never did dance classes as a child, opting more for sports, music and drama (there wasn’t much time) but I feel like this would be so much fun to get involved in. Amazing, unique post!

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