• My Pandora Collection • 

Bonjour à tous!

As some of you may know, I recently had some experience working at Pandora as a Christmas Casual. During this time, I collected several beautiful pieces of jewellery that I now wear everyday. The jewellery is so classic and timeless, and it also allows for you to wear pieces with meaning. Below, I’ll show you my whole collection, along with the meanings of several of the pieces. I hope you enjoy!


My bracelet

There are several kinds of bracelets available at Pandora, but my favourite one was the bangle. It was one of the first items I bought as a new sales assistant. I accumulated the charms over time, and here are their meanings:

• Little Owl & Ariel’s Shell •

These were gifted to me by my parents when I finished my last University exam for my whole degree! The Owl is very appropriate as he is actually called a Graduation Owl and he has a little cap, whilst the Ariel Shell was one of my favourite charms.

• Love Heart •

The Love heart was a beautiful gift from my Nanna for finishing my degree. Nanna chose a couple of ones she liked and this was my favourite from the set – so gorgeous with the cubic zirconia detail – I love it.

• Galaxy Spacer and Red Openwork •

These were Christmas gifts for me from Mr Czech man. He said he wanted to choose two for me. I like to think that the galaxy one represents my love for astronomy.

• Suitcase and Doggie •

These were bought by me. I bought the suitcase to represent myself as a traveller, and the doggie to represent my beautiful late dog, Jack.


• Love Eternal Braided Pavé •

Basic Bubble Silver Ring •

Sparkling Droplets Ring •

• Vintage Elegance Ring •

• Sparkling Silver Bow Ring •

• Princess Tiara Ring •


• Ballerina Charm and chain •

This beautiful ballerina was my Christmas gift from my Nanna. I chose it because I dance ballet and I thought that the charm was lovely.

• Key Pendant •

I was gifted this cute key pendant from my Grandma for my 21st birthday. This is the first Pandora piece I ever received, and it is a special reminder of my birthday and my move into proper adulthood and maturity.


Heart Earrings •

• Elegant Studs •

I got these beauties from my Grandma for Christmas. I chose them because they are so elegant; I could wear them to both a professional job or to a date night. They sparkle so brightly in the light and they look gorgeous on.

Birthstone Earrings •

• Rose Earrings •


And that is my whole collection. It is very special and meaningful to me and I love wearing it. Do you have any Pandora? What are your favourites?

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A bientôt!


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16 thoughts on “• My Pandora Collection • ”

  1. What a beautiful collection! I only have one thing from Pandora and it’s the Princess Tiara Ring which was gifted to me for Christmas! I worry it may have started a love affair with the brand that my bank account may not like hehe xx

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