• Review: Frank Body Scrub •

Bonjour à tous!

Today I wanted to review a product that I’ve been loving for a few months now. I received it from one of my best friends for Christmas. So, without further adieu, here is my review of Frank Body Scrub.



For starters, the packaging is really nice. It is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and does the job of containing the product perfectly! It is great for keeping the product stored nice and safe as well without spoiling for several usages.

My friend informed me that it was for 1-2 uses. However, I have found that it is actually usable for several more times, which was exciting! It is really good value for your money.


Next great thing about Frank: it smells AMAZING. Now, there are several different scrubs available, including:

  • Peppermint Coffee Scrub
  • Original Coffee Scrub
  • Coconut Coffee Scrub
  • Cacao Coffee Scrub

Of course, my friend picked the Cacao Coffee Scrub for me (as I am a self-professed recovering chocolate addict). This way, I could enjoy the delicious smell without the desire to eat it.

Ok, so, it’s time to show how it really was when using the scrub! It was:





I scrubbed it all on, and I’ll admit, there was definitely a mess! You’ll need to expect to get a few granules on your shower floor, for sure. However, it is worth it. After I’d finished with the body scrub, I realised that my skin felt SO damn soft.

Seriously, no moisturiser could compete. AND Frank doesn’t make your skin feel all sticky afterwards like moisturisers do. I was completely dry, but my skin was all smooth. I can definitely recommend this product if you want to have beautiful silky soft skin. It is great for a pampering session, and it makes you feel wonderful.



Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Which body scrub would you choose?

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A bientôt!


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