•3 ways to style Jeans• 

Bonjour à tous!

I am proud and happy to announce the project that I have been working on: I am now officially a Brand Ambassador for Vietnamese fashion store RUCY. RUCY sells Australian fashion labels in Vietnam.

For my first project I was styled in RUCY jeans with my own clothing for three different looks. We did the photo shoot at the University of Adelaide, which was really fun and it is also representative of me because that is where I study. I hope you enjoy!


Nerdy Gal

I didn’t really have to do any form of acting for this part of the shoot, because I am definitely a self-professed nerd. These cute lil’ jeans are perfect for wearing to school or Uni, and you can pair them with a lot of different things. To really show off the details of the pants, I chose to go with a block-colour top and my Converse (a classic student-shoe). Very comfortable to wear, and I thought that the length was really cute!

• Top – Bardot • Shoes – Converse • Jewellery – Pandora •

In the City 


These jeans were high-waisted, so they’re great for wearing with a smaller top. With the floral top that I chose and the high-heels, it gives a really feminine look. This type of look could be worn into the city, to work (depending on whether jeans are ok), going out with the girls for the day… The options are endless! These jeans could also be worn as part of a beach outfit with a small top and sandals – they’re really versatile.

• Top – Op shop • Shoes – Novo • Jewellery – Pandora •

Casual Vibe 

These pants were really comfy. I could even just relax at home in them – that’s how comfy they were! I was going for a casual look so I paired it with some summer shoes (it was very hot that day) and a cute off-the-shoulder top. This would be great for just hitting the shops, going out for a drink, or a Sunday Brunch.

• Top – TEMT • Shoes – a Czech brand I can’t remember – sorry! • Jewellery – Pandora •


I hope you’ve now got some ideas and inspiration for different looks! RUCY is also able to distribute in South Australia if you are interested. I really loved and enjoyed doing this shoot.

What was your favourite look?

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A bientôt!



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