• Life Updates •

Bonjour à tous!

Grab a nice cuppa tea and have a little sit down because I am bringing to you the first installation of a continuous posting theme: Life Updates! This will just be a little run-down of interesting projects I’ve been up to or exciting things I have coming up.

Life can be extremely stressful sometimes, and at other times not-so-great things can happen. I’ve had a bit of that in my time. However, I think it is really helpful to look at the things that are exciting for you or are going well for you. They don’t have to be huge things. Sometimes they can be hard things that will give you a sense of achievement. Looking at your own versions of these things can help you to see your life in a more positive light, and also to help you plan for a satisfying future.

I hope you enjoy.


• Going to New Zealand •

I have the absolute pleasure to announce that I will be going on a two-week adventure to New Zealand with Mr Czech in March! I am really excited about this opportunity to travel again. We are going to be road-tripping around and seeing all of the beautiful sights that NZ has to offer.

I have actually been there before with my family, and I absolutely love the natural beauty. I will be working on some upcoming blog posts involving my travel bag, my outfit plans and, of course, the best places to go in different parts of NZ! We are doing both the North and South Island (it is one of Mr Czech’s tours – on these tours you get to see a LOT in a small amount of time). Let me know in the comments what you’d be interested in hearing about!

Beautiful Pic of NZ by @tomarcherphoto
Gorgeous NZ pic by @maxrivephotography

The above picture is in Milford Sound, and Mr Czech told me that we are going there on the first day! I am so excited to take loads of gorgeous photos (as well as be in the moment of course) and share them with you!

• Back to School •

So, we thought that I was going to finish University last year (at least for a while) when I completed my Bachelor of Commerce at Adelaide Uni. Of course, we thought wrong. I am going to be going back to Uni this semester (little backpack and all) to learn about my FAVOURITE things: languages!

I am finally pursuing my dream to become a linguist and be surrounded by and have extensive knowledge about languages and cultures of the world. I am glad that I have a business degree because it really opened my mind to how that aspect of the world works, and I am really grateful for that. However, I am just so excited to follow my passion! This semester I am doing third year French and a subject on languages in the 21st Century.

• Green Thumb •

I recently went for a trip to IKEA with one of my friends. I had had the idea in the back of my mind about displaying a real plant in my bedroom, but there hadn’t yet been any opportunity for it to come to fruition. Until IKEA.

I have never been a green thumb. I have been known to kill cacti. However, I really, really want to successfully grow a plant, nurturing and nourishing it. So, I bought a Cordyline and a Fern, and with my family’s gardening expertise I hope that they will grow and be beautiful additions to my room. I am really excited about this project. I know that having plants in my room will lift my spirits and help me when I am studying, or just help to make my room more *Hygge*. I am so proud of my little plants!

• Roman History Class •

A couple of months ago I was completely unsure about what I was going to be doing this year (still not 100% sure, but we’re getting somewhere!) and I wanted something to look forward to that was fun. So naturally, I signed up for a Roman History class at the WEA.

I started last week, and as it is a three week course I have two more weeks left. It is 1.5 hours long, and I think I am definitely the youngest person there. It is really great though and very interesting to piece together bits of information that I may have heard before in a coherent and chronological way.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my Life Updates. I am quite excited with what I’ve got going on at the moment, and I am busily planning for my next steps both as a blogger and in my life!

What things are happening in your life right now?

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A bientôt!


*Note: not all photos in this article are my own*


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