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Bonjour à tous!

It’s that time of the year – time to get out our backpacks and head back to University. The last time I stepped foot on campus as a student, I really didn’t think I would be going back this year: but here I am! I am really excited this year because I am finally following my passion for languages and linguistics. I am going in tomorrow and I can’t wait to be surrounded by those beautiful old buildings once again.

I have put together a few outfit plans for Uni from the gorgeous trends I have seen around lately. I am actually really loving the clothing I have seen recently, especially the florals, embroidery, and flowing material. I am also really into watches lately, and I would love to own one from Cluse – they’re so beautiful. My style at Uni really ranges from classic casual student to elegant enough to be attending a job interview. I love wearing whatever the heck I feel like each day, and I actually enjoy putting things together that wouldn’t normally match and making them work.


Here are a couple of cute styles I put together on Polyvore. My Polyvore account is called chloesvoyage can be found here.


If I’m completely honest, this is probably my favourite one. It is a very feminine look with the roses and the long tulle skirt, but it is set off with the masculine T-shirt style. Wearing long skirts in light material in summer is really fun, in my opinion. You don’t need to worry about your backpack hiking the back of your skirt up to reveal your nether-regions and you feel glamorous all day long.


This one is for days when I feel like I just want to blend in a bit with my fellow students (jeans are a must for the stereotypical student look-unless you do trackpants. I will never, ever do track pants for Uni). It is gorgeous, simple and classic. The pop of bright red really brightens up the outfit, and the gold jewellery and detailing on the backpack and sunglasses really bring it together.

Hippie Nerd


This one is for days when you are feeling sweet and you want to give off that cute nerdy vibe. The Converse shoes are super-comfortable, and the skirt features the beautiful trend of embroidery. The sleeves of the top are quite fun and it allows you to be quite flamboyant when you’re talking to your friends – if you want, of course. Throw in a pair of nerd glasses (and yes, I am visually impaired enough to actually warrant wearing glasses) and you’re good to go.

Rocker Glam

This one is so glamorous that you could actually head to the Uni bar and then out to town after lectures. Some days I really revel in a bit of glamour, and I think that this is a really fun look. It mixes the hardness of the dark denim skirt and maroon boots with the light femininity of the embroidered roses, the flowy top and the pearl-studded handbag.


I hope you enjoyed the different fashion styles and got some inspiration for Uni. If it is your first year, I wish all the best of luck in discovering life at Uni! Which outfit is your fave? What do you wear to Uni/school/TAFE/college?

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A bientôt!

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