•February Favourites•

Bonjour à tous!

This month has been quite busy and I have had a lot to organise and prepare for. I have several favourites to share with you that I have been really enjoying. I have been trying to cultivate wellness in my life through my food, fitness, and skincare. As a University student and blogger, I am often in my room. Therefore, I like to be surrounded by lovely things and inspirational pictures, patterns, scents and plants. Without further adieu, here are my favourites for the month of February.


My new IKEA bedspread

I had wanted a new bedspread for a while, and when I went shopping at IKEA the other day I saw the perfect one. It is colourful and joyous. I was so excited when I bought it – and it was on sale so it was only $30 for a queen-size quilt cover!

The Amie Skincare range

I received these beauties in the mail and I was super excited – as anyone is when they receive postage that they get to unwrap! I have been using the cleansing water morning and night as suggested, which smells absolutely gorgeous and feels so gentle on the face (although you can feel little tingles on your face to suggest it is working – which I love). I also love the smell of the exfoliating polish which I have been using once a week. In conjunction with my improved diet and exercise, as well as essential oils at night, these skincare wonders have really helped my skin and I LOVE using them! I definitely recommend.

iPad cover

I had been looking for an iPad cover for a while when I found this beautiful floral one here. I wanted one to use that actually worked when I propped it up (my old one was in fact two years old and it didn’t work properly anymore), and that I could use to protect my iPad when I went to Uni. I fell in love with this one and its gorgeous bright colours. Ever since I bought it, I have been enjoying using it so much.

The PLANN Instagram app

I love the PLANN app – it allows you to plan how your Instagram feed will look. It is really great for when I am planning for my posts. You can then make a theme more easily because you will see how your posts look together.

The Runkeeper app

This app is really fun. I heard about it from my parents – I know, they’re more technologically literate than I am – and now we use it every time we go on walks. This app measures where you walk, your steps, how far you walk, elevation, speed, and the type of exercise you are doing. I also used this when I hiked on Mt Lofty and it was great. I am currently using the free version of the app, although there is also a paid version where you have access to much more including your own fitness plan.

Homemade Pizza with Home-Grown Basil

I have made home-made pizza a couple of times recently and it has been DIVINE. As someone who suffers from IBS, I usually have to get the (rather gross) gluten-free pre-made bases. However, I made my own dough using spelt flour and it is seriously the best thing ever. My parents also grow basil in the garden, and it smells so fresh and beautiful. Adding this to the pizza adds that bit of healthy greens and it tastes great too.

Not eating sugar

This has been fantastic. My skin has improved, my body feels better, my head clearer and my willpower generally stronger. It has been very difficult to keep off of sugar, especially in the first few weeks. However, I am actually enjoying it now, particularly when I wake up every day seeing improvements on my skin and feeling a lot less tired.


That is all of my February favourites. I am really happy that I have been able to include exercise and healthy choices for my body in these favourites, and I encourage you to check them out and see how you can incorporate wellness into your life.

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A bientôt!

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