•What’s in my travel bag•

Bonjour à tous!

As some of you may know, I am headed to New Zealand this week, which I am super excited about! I am trying to get everything organised and make sure that I am all ready for this fantastic adventure. We are going to be touring around the South and North Island over a two-week period and seeing a lot in a limited amount of time. I am expecting a lot of hiking, sightseeing, beautiful nature and fun times.

I have travelled enough now to know what I would need to bring as my carry-on baggage. I have a little set of things that I like to have on hand when I am on the plane, and I thought I would share them with you!


My backpack itself is really great because it was designed for travel. I talk about it a bit more extensively here. It is super comfortable and I am able to fit a lot into it. It is also very secure and it doesn’t stand out. I know that pretty stand-out bags are fun to own and they’re great for Uni or school, but as for travelling, it really is best not to have bags that stand out because theft is definitely a thing that does happen. I am not as worried about it going to New Zealand, but it is an important thing to remember. Now, what do I have in my backpack?….

Beauty/Self Care

 I include a tube of pawpaw ointment, which comes in really useful due to the dry air on the plane. This way, I can keep my lips nice and moist. The ointment also doubles up as an impromptu moisturiser, which you can use for your hands if they are really cracked and dry. Since this is a short-haul flight, I’m not bringing many cosmetics, but I would on a longer-haul one. I would especially bring a small deoderant and a cleanser/moisturiser and a toothbrush/toothpaste. I like to bring a small hand sanitiser and/or wipes as well. Planes simply aren’t cleaned as well as you would think, so I just bring some wipes to wipe things over in my immediate area, as well as the hand sanitiser for when I am going to eat.


I still like to put Mentos in my bag to chew on as the plane goes into the sky. I know I don’t need to any more, and I know it’s for kids who might not know how to pop their ears because they’re so young, but I still do it. They’re yummy and it evokes memories of travelling with my parents when they would give me one as we ascended. I also like to bring a small snack for myself for during the flight in case there isn’t any food that I like or if I get hungry. I’m not 100% sure what I am going to bring this time because I have quit sugar – no more lollies on the plane (I know Mentos have a bit of sugar in them – but it is minimal if I just have 1 or 2 pieces). I am thinking some sort of healthy chips or biscuits. I also like to have a bottle of water on the plane. Now, whether you have this depends on where you’re going and from where. Usually for international flights you will need to give up your drink bottle when you go through customs, but on the other side whilst waiting for your flight you can usually buy a bottle for the plane. I hate not having my own bottle because otherwise I feel thirsty a lot due to the dry air on the plane and I really don’t like harrassing the air hostesses every 5 minutes for a cup of water.


I need to bring some money in my purse, of course, and it is a good idea to bring a little bit of foreign currency with you. Where you place your money really depends on where you are going. If you are going to a country that is known for theft, it may be a good idea to have a wearable money pouch so you know that no-one can easily access your money except you. I will also be wearing my glasses (so that I can see!). I prefer to wear this on the plane rather than my eye contacts because my eyes get quite dry on the plane, and also in case I want to sleep. Sunglasses are also handy, although it depends on where you are going! You may not need it if you’re headed somewhere in Autumn or Winter, or if it is known for being cold and cloudy.


I bring my iPhone of course: photos need to be taken and people need to be messaged! I have an iPhone 6s which has turned out to be quite good for taking photos whilst on holiday. I also bring the charger just in case my suitcase goes west somewhere – this way at least I know I can contact home and/or the correct services to get it back! I also bring my iPad as I don’t really trust it to my suitcase along with my headphones. I can listen to music, movies or even lectures on the plane this way. A portable charger can be really good here too, and handy as well for being on the road. I bring a pen and a bit of paper just in case I get some sort of inspiration or want to play a fun game. Whenever I travel with Mr Czech we always end up with me learning a bit more Czech with the pen and paper – which, to me, is fun! Let’s be honest though, what do I do mostly on transport? I read. My kindle is an absolute must-have for travelling. I’ll be found reading either my beloved Outlander, Anna Wierzbicka’s book on Universal Concepts in Culture-Specific Configurations, or Ghil’ad Zuckermann’s book on Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew. Can’t tell I want to be a linguist, can you?

Most Important!

And, of course, last but DEFINITELY not least, my passport! I haven’t travelled overseas for a few years now so I am really keen to bring out my passport again and have it stamped and all that jazz. I am so cheesy but I just really love the idea of having my travels printed in my own special little book – and a special book it is, allowing me to get around the world!


That is everything that I’ll be packing in my travel bag. I honestly wasn’t expecting this trip and I am so excited and keen about it – I feel very lucky! Have you travelled anywhere? Let me know what you like to bring in your travel bag, and whether you put in extra things for long haul flights!

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A bientôt!



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4 thoughts on “•What’s in my travel bag•”

  1. You’re so well organized! I love your choice of books – non-fiction is actually great on flights, there’s just something about airplanes that makes it easier to concentrate. Maybe the non-existent wifi? 😉 Have a great trip!

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  2. This is a great post! Theres literally nothing worse than getting to the airport and realising you’ve forgotten something so this is really helpful! I also pack an adapter in my hand luggage (If I’ll need one) just in case my suitcase goes walkabout!

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