•What to do in Queenstown•

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I am finally back and blogging after my New Zealand holiday. I had a fantastic adventure and I am so grateful for that. One of the first places we went on our trip was beautiful, vibrant commerce and thrill-seeker centre Queenstown. I quite liked the vibe of Queenstown, as the weather was beautifully cool whilst we were there, and the whole town was set against a mountainous backdrop. It is definitely a place for backpackers, and whilst there I must admit I didn’t get served by a single Kiwi whilst I was there! Mr Czech and I stayed there overnight, and we woke up to a gorgeous view in the morning. Without further adieu, here is my recommended list of things to do in Queenstown!


•Visit the Queenstown Gardens•

The gardens were utterly gorgeous and very well-kept. There were ducks around making hilarious noises and swimming together on the lake, and beautiful bright flowers everywhere. I realised whilst in New Zealand that there are many gorgeous bright flowers around. I am not sure whether it is the supportive weather conditions or a national penchant for gardening, but either way it is beautiful to see!

•Go for a walk along the coastline•

Since it was such a lovely bright day, Mr Czech and I decided to walk along the lakeside.People can be seen peddling along the water and enjoying an icecream on the beach. As someone from South Australia, it was amazing for me to see such a beautiful body of water with a mountainous backdrop. It was so scenic and serene; perfect for relaxing and calming your mind whilst on the road.

•Have a burger at Fergburger- and check out the next door patisserie!•

I was recommended to go to Fergburger by one of my cousins who used to live in New Zealand. It was a really tasty burger, but it definitely isn’t a hidden gem; it is a tourist favourite. If you want a burger from here, try to get in at a time just before or after the peak dining times otherwise you might be in for a wait. The patisserie next door was also a recommendation, and I must say that the desserts looked delicious. My favourite sweet that I tried was the chocolate éclair, and the pastry was absolutely perfect.

•Do something daring•

Queenstown is also a place where you can indulge your daredevil side! You can do sky-diving, paragliding, and many, many more activities. I personally didn’t take part in any of these activities, as they can be quite expensive and I do prefer being on the safer side myself, but if that’s your thing, this is where you can do it!

•Check out the animal farm nearby in Glenorchy•

Anyone who knows me well will know that I absolutely adore alpacas. I went to a farm with Mr Czech that we happened upon on our way to Routeburn in Glenorchy, which is around an hour from Queenstown. We watched a sheep being shorn and got to feed and interact with the animals, including sheep, a pig, a horse, a pony, chickens, goats, a llama and of course: ALPACAS! They were so cute and gorgeous and I really recommend this experience.

•Go for a hike in Routeburn•

There were several hikes that you could choose from when starting at Routeburn, and several sites that you could see along the way. Mr Czech and I hiked for about an hour and a half in total, and we were surrounded by beautiful natural scenery on the way. We also reached a waterfall which was quite pretty and calming to watch. If you like hiking, this is a fun track to walk.


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