• Tips for saving money to travel •

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I thought I’d put together some tips for saving money to travel, as it can seem like an impossible task at times, but it really is worth it. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading • Tips for saving money to travel •


• Things to do in: Berlin •

Berlin was such an amazing, vibrant, oxymoronic city, and I loved it! On Mr Czech’s tour of Berlin (like any tour of his), we saw about six sites a day and we absolutely packed everything that we could into every minute of our time there. Berlin is a huge mix of the old and the new: it was the most “hipster” city I had ever been to, yet it has such a rich and long history. So many people travel on bikes, and beautiful works of graffiti art adorn old buildings and streets. The history is so powerful and it is still visible that you feel as though you are walking through it. Continue reading • Things to do in: Berlin •

• How to make your room feel like Christmas •

I’ve just finished decorating my bedroom for Christmas, and it looked so pretty that I thought I’d write a post about it! I tried not to make it look too cluttered, whilst also keeping a classy look with lots of Christmas cheer. Decorations just make me feel so happy, so I thought I’d share it with you too. Hope you enjoy!

• Buy a mini Christmas tree and put it up on a shelf or desk •

My tree is the one in the middle in this picture. It has baubles on it that I have purchased in recent years, as well as little decorations that I made as a young child. It is a great keepsake and I love it! Continue reading • How to make your room feel like Christmas •

• November Favourites •

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It’s now officially December, so I thought it might be time to write about my November favourites and what I have enjoyed so far in this busy month. I am going to include not only products, but also activities and experiences in my favourites. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading • November Favourites •

• 11 things you can do to feel calm and relaxed this holiday season •

It’s that time of the year again: a time of joy, happiness and togetherness for many, but also potentially a time of stress due to clashing events, Christmas shopping, and the rush to make everything perfect for that Christmas lunch. I’ve put together a list of things that you can do to remain calm and relax yourself, so that you can enjoy this holiday season to the full. Continue reading • 11 things you can do to feel calm and relaxed this holiday season •

· Essentials to bring on your next trip – Summer & Tropical Climate · 

• Bikini •

This one may seem obvious on a summer trip, but a comfortable bikini is a must! Bikinis are small enough that they’ll fit easily in a backpack (see below) or small bag. When you are on a summer holiday, you never know when you might be going for a swim. Continue reading · Essentials to bring on your next trip – Summer & Tropical Climate · 

•Things to do in: CAIRNS•

There are so many things to do in Cairns that Mr. Czech and I didn’t have time to do it all. However, in our few days there we did pack several things into our itinerary that we thoroughly enjoyed, and I recommend for you to try them too!


Go snorkeling or scuba diving

img_3494Out on the Great Barrier Reef

Continue reading •Things to do in: CAIRNS•