• Interview with Amy: MECCA Beauty Loop •

Bonjour à tous!

The MECCA Beauty Loop is a range of free products and services released quarterly for MECCA members who have attained a level 1, 2 or 3. The three different types of beauty loops you can obtain depend on the amount you spend yearly at MECCA. Level 2 even includes complimentary makeup applications and lessons, whilst a Level 3 member receives a birthday gift and is invited to complimentary international events.

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• Review: Frank Body Scrub •

Bonjour à tous!

Today I wanted to review a product that I’ve been loving for a few months now. I received it from one of my best friends for Christmas. So, without further adieu, here is my review of Frank Body Scrub. Continue reading • Review: Frank Body Scrub •

• My Christmas Wishlist •

Below is a list of cute things that I have adored and placed on my Christmas wish list. Obviously I don’t expect to receive all of these beautiful products for Christmas, but I put together the list nonetheless to give some ideas and also to show what types of things I am currently liking. I hope you enjoy!

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